Antigua Holidays

Well worth visiting for it's many white sand beaches, turquoise sea, charm and history

Antigua Holidays

Antigua is a great hub from which to visit almost all the other Caribbean islands, as it is the home of LIAT Airlines and has daily connections from the UK. It is also a wonderful destination in its own right and well worth visiting for it’s many white sand beaches, unbelievable turquoise sea, charm and history. Antigua’s tiny sister island of Barbuda’s top attractions are the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, boasting the largest nesting colony of Magnificent Frigate Birds in the world, its endemic species the Barbuda Warbler and for birders and non-birders alike, its clear waters, stunning deserted pink sand beaches, clear waters and spectacular coral reefs.

Antigua is the largest of the Leeward Islands, with an irregular coastline, incorporating hundreds of scalloped inlets and bays. The interior of the island is mainly rolling and dry, with small country villages providing bursts of colour and greenery. Although not particularly famous for its wildlife and nature, there is nevertheless still lots of birds to discover, especially around the island’s salt ponds and marshes. It is a relaxing island, where water-based activities especially sailing abound and deciding which of the 365 beaches to spend your day, is about as complicated as things get. Yet it is distinctly unique and sites such as the National Park at Nelson’s Dockyard are delightful places to visit.

Barbuda, 25 miles to the north, is the other half of this dual-island nation. This tiny laid-back coral atoll has a population of just 1,500 islanders, who live mainly by fishing, farming and hunting.