Costa Rica Holidays

Perfect destination for a wildlife and bird watching holiday, with a touch of adventure and beaches!

Costa Rica Holidays

Costa Rica is the perfect Latin American destination for those who wish to combine a nature, wildlife and bird watching holiday with some adventure and beach relaxation. In addition to its incredible flora and fauna, Costa Rica has 110 volcanoes, 5 of which remain active. Most of them can be visited and some even have access to the main crater. Costa Rica also has more than 600 miles of unspoiled tropical beaches, on both the Caribbean and the Pacific coasts, but it’s amazing wildlife is definitely the main attraction. You can walk for just one hour in a national park and see a huge and varied amount of wildlife that you will not see anywhere else in Central America.

Peaceful and politically stable, with plentiful wildlife and impressive scenery, it is hardly surprising that Costa Rica is by far the most visited country in Latin America. Situated between North and South America, it forms a natural bridge between the two and this is why it has one of the largest bio diversities of the world. In fact Costa Rica has 12 distinctive ecological zones, which include cloud forests, rainforests, mangroves and dry forests, all offering different types of habitats and with an incredible diversity of plants and animals species. This amazing country is home to over 900 bird species including 50 species of hummingbirds, 250 mammals, 2000 butterflies, 430 species of amphibians and reptiles, 9000 recorded species of plants and much more.

Costa Rica is a country that is truly committed to the conservation of their natural resources and protects 40% of their territory in national parks, biological and wildlife reserves. It is not difficult to find unique and individual places to stay here, as 80% of the accommodation offered in the country is small, intimate and with lots of character. Another reason to visit Costa Rica is its people, “Ticos” as Costa Rican’s are known, are invariably very open and friendly towards visitors.

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