Cuba Holidays

Unique Caribbean experience with its vibrant culture and great bird watching

Cuba Holidays

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and is situated 90 miles south of the Florida Keys, but is a world away from its American neighbour. You will find all the usual Caribbean delights, as well as spectacular scenery and glorious flora and fauna, but there is so much more to discover on this special island. For birding enthusiasts, Cuba has a diverse list of endemic species and some of the most unusual birds in the Caribbean, such as the tiny bee hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world. For divers, there are fantastic coral reefs and for the more adventurous travellers there are mountains and countryside, where time has literally stood still, to explore.

Cuba offers a totally unique Caribbean holiday experience. Its extraordinary history from ancient cultures, through Spanish Colonial rule and the slave trade, to Batista’s dictatorship and Castro’s communism, have given it an Afro-Latin culture found nowhere else on earth. There are many historical sites and finely preserved colonial towns to visit and then there is the vibrant culture, amazing art and of course the very soul of Cuba is in it’s music and dance. Changes are now happening fast on the island and with this change have come some initial problems for the tourist industry. However, if you enjoy destinations that are still not overdeveloped and have a unique individuality – now is the time to go!

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