Nicaragua Holidays

Discover an authentic, welcoming country, rich in natural gems and colonial history

Nicaragua Holidays

Nicaragua is one of the least visited countries in Latin America, but it also one of the most unique and rewarding. Off the beaten track and belying its turbulent past, Nicaragua is now an authentic, peaceful and welcoming destination that is fast becoming popular with more discerning travellers.

The Nicaraguans are exceptionally proud of their country with its Spanish colonial cities, colourful traditional villages, breathtaking, volcanic landscapes, striking crater lakes, and secluded quiet beaches. Large swathes of Nicaragua’s forests remain pristine, with some 17% of the country protected by national parks. A bird list of just over 700 species shall surely increase dramatically as more people are tempted to bird in this fascinating country.

While there is more than enough to justify an extended exploration of the country’s varied charms, visitors often combine a visit to Nicaragua with other Central American countries.