Panama Holidays

Wonderful wildlife, bird watching, culture and of course the Canal!

Group Tours

Travelling as part of one of our small group tours offers you a cost effective experience and a sense of camaraderie by travelling with like-minded people. The tours run on set dates and we have chosen times of the year that have the best weather or are particularly good for wildlife viewing and/or birdwatching – depending on what group tour you choose.

Our small group tours are run with no more than 8-10 people, but can be less. We use the very best local guides and for this reason, we usually don’t think it is necessary for our groups to be accompanied by a guide from the UK, which of course helps to keep the price down. However, there are exceptions to this and we will accompany groups if we feel it is necessary. The tours are well thought out and planned by us and our local agents. We have visited the hotels we recommend and have taken the tours and transfers to make sure everything is in place so that you can enjoy a great experience.

Panama Small Group Birdwatching Tour

Panama Small Group Birdwatching Tour

Panama offers some of the most fabulous and easily accessible bird watching in Central America, with nearly 1000 bird species including Harpy Eagle, Resplendent Quetzal, Blue Cotinga, 5 Macaw species and 52 hummingbirds. In addition, every year during October and November many species of raptors migrate South. Raptors conserve energy during migration by riding columns of warm air that only form over land. Because the Isthmus of Panama is so narrow, birds are forced together and are easily seen. On this tour you will discover many ...