St. Lucia Holidays

St Lucia's rainforests and palm-fringed beaches are ideal for active holidays or relaxation

St. Lucia Holidays

St Lucia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean with something for everyone, whether you are looking for adventure, nature or cultural tours, family fun, romance or relaxation. The magnificent topography, including the majestic twin peaks of the Pitons, the rainforests and palm-fringed beaches are ideal for active holidays, as well as being perfect for simply sitting back and doing nothing. Dedicated birdwatchers will be excited to spot the 7 endemics to be found here, but everyone can’t help but be fascinated and intrigued by all the birds that they will encounter while enjoying the varied delights that St Lucia has to offer.

The South and the interior of the island are wonderful areas for hiking, birdwatching and adventure. A number of trails carve their way through the 19,000 acre National Rainforest. It is possible to hike from the lush lower slopes, up into areas of cloud forest and elfin woodland with fabulous views and bird-spotting opportunities on the way.

St Lucia is a melting pot of history and culture and boasts some of the Caribbean’s most luxurious and interesting resorts, interspersed with dozens of delightful inns and boutique hotels. The island is also regionally noted for its excellent dining opportunities, with a wide variety of restaurants defined by high standards of cuisine, outstanding service and ambiance.

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