Trinidad & Tobago Holidays

Trinidad & Tobago, a paradise for lovers of nature, birds and wildlife

Trinidad & Tobago Holidays

The unique sister islands of Trinidad & Tobago are a paradise for lovers of nature and wildlife and provide the perfect introduction to Neotropical bird watching. The islands are so very different, but together they combine their distinctive features to make the perfect alternative Caribbean holiday destination, whether you prefer to travel independently or as part of a small group.

These are the most southerly islands in the Caribbean and just 7 miles from South America, which helps to explain the wonderful diversity of flora and fauna to be found here. Trinidad, the larger island boasts lush tropical rainforests, extensive wetlands, savannahs, rivers, waterfalls, towering mountain ranges and miles of empty palm-fringed beaches. This is also the most cosmopolitan society in the Caribbean with a vibrant cultural diversity that has produced Carnival and Calypso, amazing food, art, music and the friendliest, most fun loving people.

Tranquil Tobago, is only a 20 minute flight away and is an unspoilt haven of perfect sandy bays, clear turquoise seas and coral-reefs with world class dive sites. The ideal spot for total relaxation; it nevertheless has plenty to offer both nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

Over 470 species of birds have been recorded on this amazing twin island destination, making it one of the richest birding countries per square mile in the world and can offer experiences rivalled only by mainland South America, but in a far more compact and accessible form.

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