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Almost all of our clients let us have their feedback after they get back from their travels. Sometimes this is a detailed trip report or it can be just a few words. Whatever it is, we love to receive feedback, as it helps us to keep standards high and experiences perfect for future travellers. Over half of our bookings come from repeat clients or by word of mouth, a statistic we are very proud of. Here, you can find some of the reasons why.

Saw some amazing birds, wildlife and scenery

Firstly, thank you for all your help, time and patience in organising the holiday. It was largely meeting you at the bird fair which made us book the ..

Firstly, thank you for all your help, time and patience in organising the holiday. It was largely meeting you at the bird fair which made us book the holiday as you were so friendly and informative. 

Hope the following feedback is useful: 

Asa Wright – an amazing place, surpassed all expectations. Loved the environment and the beautiful view from the balcony looking down the Arima valley. Paul loved it – birds incredible, but also as a non birder, I too just loved the whole atmosphere. The guides were friendly and informative. Food great and enjoyed the social aspect of all the guests sitting together to eat. Rum punches whilst sitting on the balcony – a must! All the excursions were great and the guides/drivers looked after us well.
See Paul’s birding trip report for greater detail. 

Anise – one word – AWESOME!
Staff really friendly – Donna, Margaret and Neville so warm and welcoming  – they treat you more like friends than guests. It is a gem of a hotel and you can tell that the staff love it and are proud of it, in turn they really care for the guests and want them to have the best experience ever (which we did). Food was like fine dining. Thank you so much for recommending this hotel!
Only one point to make was that Paul didn’t prebook a trip from Anise to see Piping Guan so asked Anise to organise (without checking price beforehand!). He went with local guide Nicholas and thought it was a bit pricey at 975 TT dollars for a morning birding. He wished he had pre booked through you.

The flights, transfer etc all worked well.
Susan and Lesley-Ann were waiting to greet us and were very friendly and welcoming. Lesley-Ann did transfer to Blue Waters for both us and Julia and Paul. We all found her to be just lovely – an asset indeed!

Blue Waters
Location was wonderful, often had beach to ourselves. Food very good. Loved the rooms being close to the beach and going to sleep hearing the sea. We would say the only downside is the attitude of some staff – they seemed to need coaxing into being friendly, felt at times that they resented being there! Also disappointingly the pool turned green and was out of bounds for 3 out of 5 days which was a shame. These negatives didn’t detract from our stay but wanted to offer you our honest feedback.
Trip to Little Tobago very enjoyable with guide Randy – he was a real comedian! Newton George was very good and Paul appreciated his expert local knowledge.
One thought Julia had was for us non birders/wives, Lesley Ann would be a great person to do an island tour without the birds! Perhaps include a tour round Scarborough etc. Lesley-Ann had kindly stopped at a wonderful chocolate shop on the way to the airport on our request wanting to take Tobago chocolate back home! Her knowledge of the whole island and friendly nature would make her an ideal person to do such a tour! We wished we had thought of it while we were there! 

Hope this feedback is useful, we really did enjoy our holiday and saw some amazing birds, wildlife and scenery.
Thanks to you all at MotMot.


Paul & Rachel Varney - Nov 2016


And what interesting places Trinidad and Tobago are!

We would certainly would like to say some nice things about our travels with you in Trinidad and Tobago.  It’s a long time since myself and my husb..

We would certainly would like to say some nice things about our travels with you in Trinidad and Tobago.  It’s a long time since myself and my husband have been on a package holiday. We chose this one because we wanted a naturalist-style holiday and Motmot had been recommended by a friend.

We were not sure what to expect and were quite surprised to find that we were not part of a group, not even a small one, and were getting very personal attention. Although we were moving about, staying at four different locations in Trinidad and Tobago, all our moves and tours were carefully planned and went without a hitch  (apart from slight hitch on arrival, when we had to call our tour operator for collection).  We very much enjoyed the site seeing programme that had been arranged for us.  The specialist guides at the naturalist sites were exceptionally knowlegible and all our guides were friendly and helpful.  And what interesting places Trinidad and Tobago are.  We got a real sense that people have a great pride in their country; and why not?  It’s a beautiful country with a wonderful climate and a thriving culture.  We had the impression that money was being spent on good things…free university education; welfare services for children, employment projects for young people etc. (Lucky to have that oil revenue!)

It’s just a pity T&T are so far away; we would love to go often.  Thank you so much for arranging such a well organised and well thought out package for us.

Sabrina - Feb 2016


Stunning scenery, lovely people, fabulous wildlife

Antony and I would like to write to tell you what a fantastic time had in Trinidad and Tobago. Thank you to everyone at Mot Mot for helping us to pl..

Antony and I would like to write to tell you what a fantastic time had in Trinidad and Tobago. Thank you to everyone at Mot Mot for helping us to plan and organise our trip, we felt that all aspects of it were very well executed – in terms of flights, meeting at airports, transfers and pick ups to get to other places.

We are grateful for your excellent co-ordinating and planning of our flight requirements, and think that it all went very smoothly.

Special mention needs to be made of Lesley-Anne the lovely lady that collected us from Tobago airport and took us to Blue waters (and back again). She was very well presented, friendly, her vehicle was spotless and very well looked after, and her driving was safe too. What a very lovely lady, and a credit to the company she drives for.

Our Trips with Newton George were excellent and we found him to be both very knowledgeable and diligent (in his search and determination to ensure we all saw fabulous birds) and very friendly too

I personally loved Mt Plasier at Grande Riviere, although not very Mozzi proof I fell in love with it’s very rustic charm, and the peace and serenity of the location and guest house was perfect for me, I found it very relaxing there. Added to which we were honoured with close up views of visiting nesting turtles and spectacular views of piping Guan with Nicholas too. Piero also introduced me to my first doubles on our drive back to the airport for our flight to Tobago – they were totally yummy!

Blue Waters was a lovely hotel in a stunning location, great standards of accommodation, and we really enjoyed our trip to little Tobago too. I enjoyed hand feeding cheeky Turnstones and fending off cheekier Chacalacas!

Asa Wright was superb, far more than expected too. The verandah is like a magnet – it’s extremely hard to pull yourself away from it! We loved the trails too, and the further excursions we took whilst at Asa were all excellent, the guides we had were knowledgeable and friendly, we particularly enjoyed our trips out Rhadoul (apologies for the likely mis-spelling!) I am frankly in awe of these guys – their hearing and eyes are impossibly keen, the bird watching is pretty challenging at times with skulky shy birds in extra thick forest, but every guide we had did a fabulous job of finding many challenging birds. The accommodation at Asa was far better than I was expecting, and relatively bug free – which was  a lovely surprise for me, as being a little bug phobic I was concerned I’d have a bit of trouble with lodges in the middle of a rain forest! I imagine it’s the sheer numbers of birds and bats that specialise in eating bugs that I have to thank for that.  We especially enjoyed the night birding trip, and were most grateful to the Asa team for re-planning our schedule and arranging for us to meet up after our day excursion on the road with the others taking this trip, to enable us to participate.

Antony and I both felt that some of the criticism we have found on websites (Trip adviser in particular) before we visited with regards to the food and accommodations at Asa is unfair and unfounded. We found the food fresh, well cooked and very tasty – not restaurant standards, but more than good home cooking, and the packed meals we had were brilliant. The best meal of our entire trip was the Chicken Roti we had on the night birding trip, eaten off the flatbed of a pick up truck, with our hands and roti bread scoops – delicious. As for the chalets, ours was clean, mostly mozzi free, comfortable, spacious, and the shower was fantastic – piping hot and powerful, the best we encountered in all the places we stayed.

My only regret is that because we had so many trips out and about whilst at Asa, we didn’t have enough time in my view to actually explore the trails at Asa more. All the team at Asa were great, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Antony had particularly good banter with Barry with regards to Scaled pigeons, and they spent a great deal of time discussing the intricacies of photography together.

The only slight disappointment in the entire trip was the accommodation at Pax guest house. Whilst Gerard was lovely and welcoming, and the location was stunning, the room we had for the night was sub-standard. No hot water and a trickle of a shower – I accept that we arrived late and the hot water may have run out, so fair enough. However, in the morning we awoke opened the curtains and were greeted by super close up views of our first ever hummingbirds on feeders, which kind of made up for the poor bed.

All in all, we had an amazing experience, stunning scenery, lovely people, fabulous wildlife, great accommodations, and utter confidence in Mot Mot and their expert planning. Which allowed us to go and immerse ourselves in plenty of what T&T has to offer.

I am really happy that I booked with Mot Mot travel, and would highly recommend you to everyone, and should we choose to visit again we wouldn’t hesitate in booking our arrangements through you.

Nikki & Antony Marriott – Apr 2016


We now understand the attraction of the Caribbean

We had a wonderful time ( especially myself as I’d wanted to visit ever since I’d seen Birdwatching with Bill Oddie in 1998 !) Firstly, the arrang..

We had a wonderful time ( especially myself as I’d wanted to visit ever since I’d seen Birdwatching with Bill Oddie in 1998 !)

Firstly, the arrangements all worked out very smoothly eg flights, transfers etc. The accommodation at Asa Wright was how I imagined it and was spacious, clean with a very good working shower (an absolute must as we needed showers several times a day !) We had no complaints about the food which we enjoyed very much ; was filling, varied and of course we enjoyed the omelettes ‘with everything’. The fresh pineapple and pigeon peas were wonderful ! The guides and staff were all very welcoming and helpful. Drinking rum punch on the verandah and watching hummingbirds and honeycreepers at the same time was fantastic. A ‘dream come true’. On reflection, a reminder to change some money at the airport when we first arrived might have been useful (on a 3rd trip we did stop to sample ‘doubles’ –delicious and messy-but another couple had to pay for mine as I’d not brought any TT dollars !)

The trip was full-on birding which allowed us to experience the key birding spectacles : Manakins/Bearded Bellbirds/Hummingbirds and Honeycreepers at Asa Wright; Scarlet Ibises at Caroni Swamp ; waders/shorebirds at the Waterloo Mudflats  and Oilbirds at the Dunstan Caves. The latter were extraordinary as I had seen images of them from photos and videos, however nothing had prepared me for their remarkable screeching, blood curdling calls ! ( On reflection, it would have been helpful if Charron , our guide for the day, had led the identification of the various waders and seabirds at Waterloo Flats. However, this man went out of his way to take Jane into town to have her rings, which had swelled up, cut loose, for which we are both grateful.)

The flight to Tobago and transfer to The Blue Waters Inn was excellent. The hotel was, again as we had hoped, situated directly next to the beach with the weather hot and tropical and the sea warm and bluey-green. We now understand the attraction of the Caribbean. Again, the birding was fast and furious, the highlights being the trip to Little Tobago where we encountered Magnificent Frigatebirds chasing the Laughing Gulls close into the boat which delivered us onto the island and later delighted in seeing Red-Billed Tropicbirds swirling around the rocky cliffs where they were nesting. Newton George escorted us around the island on a 6am to 5pm trip and the highlight for me was seeing the plethora of herons and Caymen at the Tobago Plantation.

The Blue Waters Inn was excellent. Hotel staff were very welcoming. The room was very clean and met all our requirements. I could expound further and ,needless to say , my only regret was not staying for longer and not having more time to birdwatch at a more leisurely pace.

Birding disappointments ? Not seeing Channel-Billed Toucan well ( ie sitting atop tree branches from the Asa Wright verrandah ) and not seeing any live snakes eg Tree Boas at the Caroni Swamp. Other visitors we met had seen Piping Guans and Turtles and on reflection I wish I had considered building into our itinerary the possibility of seeing these-but I am mindful that you can’t see everything!

Once again, thank you very much for organising this fantastic birding holiday.

Tony Marchese and Jane Robinson – Apr 2016


The right guide for our needs

We had a good stay at Pax, fortunately we were placed in a room close to the dining area on the main floor.  Our room was clean and well presented al..

We had a good stay at Pax, fortunately we were placed in a room close to the dining area on the main floor.  Our room was clean and well presented although the bathroom had some rotten planks which should really be replaced at some point as they could become a health and safety issue.  However, that did not bother us in the slightest.

The food we found at Pax was excellent as were the nightly rum punches.  There was a mix up with the tours in that they put us on the full day tour with Kenny Wright the day after we arrived, but we would have preferred to go on Caroni that day to give us the morning to acclimatise and rest from the journey.  However, all the same, we enjoyed the day with Kenny, he was very knowledgeable and the only thing we would mention is that we were unsure if lunch was provided or not, but he soon introduced us to the delights of roti.  When he arrived we thought he was just the cab guy ready to take us elsewhere but first appearances can be deceptive and he was great and everyone we met after that day also sung his praises, which made us satisfied that we had been provided with the right guide for our needs.

The Caroni Swamp tour the following day was due to leave at 16:00pm but when it reached 16:35pm and some of the other participants had not turned up, we set off and then promptly turned back after 10 minutes when they did eventually arrive. So, effectively we lost 45 minutes of that tour which meant the remainder of the tour was rushed and we missed out on a lot.  The guide was very good but we were disappointed generally on that day, especially with missing out on some key birds that we could not get elsewhere.

The following day was with Jason Radix in Tobago and he was a fantastic guide, really knowledgeable and friendly and talkative.  We opted not to have a restaurant lunch but a roti on the go instead which gave us time for Jason to take us into the rain forest for an impromptu extra excursion.  We were very tight on time (as was expected) which meant that the normal Little Tobago trip which is 3 hours had to be squeezed into about 1 hour but despite this we saw pretty much everything that we wanted to see and Jason managed to get us back to the airport in good time.  Both us and Jason agreed that if we would have got an earlier flight (in the morning) then things would have not been so rushed but all the same we had a wonderful time and cannot praise Jason enough for his company and enthusiasm.  We would definitely use him again.

The remaining 4 days at Asa Wright were nice and relaxing.  Our room was lovely and the food, although not as good as Pax was good enough for us.

We found the whole process of booking the holiday with you very easy and would like to thank you very much for all your help and assistance.  We would definitely use Motmot again and recommend them to others.

Roland and Anna – Mar 2016


Nothing was too much trouble for our excellent guides

All the arrangements went perfectly, thank you. The setting for the Coco Reef Hotel was lovely but I have to say the décor was very outdated and desp..

All the arrangements went perfectly, thank you.

The setting for the Coco Reef Hotel was lovely but I have to say the décor was very outdated and desperately in need of a revamp, especially the bathrooms. The lagoon is perfect for swimming as it is so calm even when we had stormy weather. No complaints about the food, the service was VERY laid back, I gather that is to be expected in T & T. Leslianne & Jason Radix who did our trips were both excellent, nothing was too much trouble for them.

We arranged a boat trip to Nylon Pool & Buccoo Reef with Duane on a jet boat called Zoe. He was excellent, very knowledgeable and helped us with the snorkeling. He also took us on a ride along the coast pointing out all the places of interest.

Asa Wright was perfect in every way as I’m sure you know.

Brenda Williams – Feb 2016