The Complete Trinidad & Tobago Holiday

All the highlights of both islands, whilst staying at small individual hotels and with private guided tours

The Complete Trinidad & Tobago Holiday

The Complete Trinidad & Tobago holiday, encompasses all the highlights of these two beautiful and very different islands, whilst staying at wonderful small hotels and with private guides to show you all the sights. A couple of days in the vibrant capital of Port of Spain to absorb its history and culture, is followed by the opportunity to explore other parts of the island’s varied landscapes and natural wonders. The holiday then culminates with several days of sightseeing and relaxation on the idyllic island of Tobago.

Everything is flexible on this holiday and the itinerary can be changed to suit the individual, which gives you the opportunity to focus on the activities that interest you most, to travel when you want and with a schedule that exactly suits your requirements.


  • Culture

  • Beach

  • Floral

  • Photography