Costa Rica Birds & Nature Small Group Tour

Wonderful 16 day bird watching tour, exploring some of Costa Rica's best wildlife locations

Costa Rica Birds & Nature Small Group Tour

On this wonderful 16 day Costa Rica Birds & Nature Tour, you will explore some of the best locations for birding and wildlife that this amazing country has to offer, while staying away from the over-populated and touristy areas. This itinerary includes the non-stop BA service from London Gatwick to San Jose and is being offered as a small group tour, but can also be tailor-made for independent travellers.

Though relatively small in size, Costa Rica is home to one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world, but the country’s natural wealth is no accident. In the mid-20th century, Costa Rican leadership realized the importance of conservation for the future of the nation and today, 27 percent of Costa Rica is officially protected. The sheer diversity of its exotic flora and fauna is staggering, so whether you are exploring the cloud forest, humid Caribbean lowlands, arid mountain peaks, dry Pacific forests, mangroves or coral reefs, wildlife is always highly accessible and the bird watching is sublime.

Scheduled dates :
16th November – 1st December 2019
(slightly different itinerary and lower price)
16th – 31st January 2020

13th – 28th February 2020
12th – 27th March 2020

Details for January, February and March tours are detailed below.

Highlights for the November tour are:

– Visit the famed La Selva Field Station of the Organization for Tropical Studies, one of the top birding spots in the Neotropics.

– Stay in the highlands to search for the Resplendent Quetzal, with great opportunities to photograph the majestic bird.

– Visit the Paramo unique ecosystem more than 12000 ft above the sea and home to 2 rare endemic birds, the Timberline Wren and the Volcano Junco

– Stay at the legendary Rancho Naturalista, the Mecca for the Snowcap hummingbird

– Visit Valle de El General and Los Cusingos Preserve, the home of one of the most influential ornitholigists in the tropics, Alexander Skutch, bird the reserve in search for the Turquoise Cotingas and the Fiery Billed Aracaris, as well the house-museum where he spend the last days of his life researching the colourful birds.

– Visit the Pacific Coast in search for special birds such as the Fiery-billed Aracari and the famous Cristal Ballena Reserve near the Osa Peninsula.

This tour combines, tropical rainforest, premontante, cloudforest, paramo, tropical humid and coastal ecosystems.


Day 1: Hotel Bougainvillea. Central Valley.

Days 2-5: Selva Verde Lodge. Sarapiqui.

Days 6-8: Paraiso Quetzal Hotel. Talamanca Highlands.

Days 9-11: Talari Mountain Lodge. Valle de El General. South Pacific.

Days 12-14: Rancho Naturalista. Turrialba.

Day 15. Departure.

Day 16. Land in the UK.





  • Active

  • Floral

  • Photography

  • Wildlife

  • Caribbean & Latin America Birdwatching



  • Day 1: London Gatwick to San Jose
  • Day 2: Sarapiquí Rainforest - Selva Verde Reserve - Caribbean Lowlands
  • Day 3: Selva Verde - Caribbean Lowlands.
  • Day 4: Selva Verde - Caribbean Lowlands.
  • Day 5: Selva Verde - Caribbean Lowlands.
  • Day 6: Hotel Savegre - Highlands.
  • Day 7: Hotel Savegre - Highlands.
  • Day 8: Hotel Savegre - Highlands.
  • Day 9: Cristal Ballena - Southern Pacific.
  • Day 10: Cristal Ballena - Southern Pacific.
  • Day 11: Cristal Ballena - Southern Pacific.
  • Day 12: Macaw Lodge - Central & Southern Pacific Lowlands.
  • Day 13: Macaw Lodge - Central & Southern Pacific Lowlands.
  • Day 14: Macaw Lodge - Central & Southern Pacific Lowlands.
  • Day 15: San Jose return to UK
  • Day 16: Arrive back in UK