Guyana Birdwatching Small Group Tour

An amazing wildlife and birding destination at an incredible price with Kaieteur Falls extension

Guyana Birdwatching Small Group Tour

On this tour to Guyana you will discover a stunning country full of surprises, geographical extremes, biological and cultural diversity. You will have many opportunities to interact with the local people, while visiting their villages and jungle lodges. You will have the time to marvel at several unique areas of relatively undiscovered Guyana, such as the Atta Rainforest and Surama  – where you will have the opportunity to look for an active nest of Harpy Eagles. There will even be a chance to see the elusive Jaguar.

There is an opportunity to add on a two-day extension including Kaieteur Falls at the end of the tour and if you wish, a few days in Trinidad can also be added on.

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime visiting this unique wildlife destination that is still very much off the beaten track.

We are offering this itinerary as a Small Group Tour on the following dates:
10th – 19th February 2020
9th – 18th November 2020
22nd February – 3rd March 2021 

With the Kaieteur Falls extension:
10th – 21st February 2020
9th – 20th November 2020
22nd February – 5th March 2021


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