St Lucia and Trinidad & Tobago Small Group Nature Tour

Caribbean island-hopping tour that is perfect for bird watchers and naturalists

St Lucia and Trinidad & Tobago Small Group Nature Tour

This fantastic tour, featuring three beautiful Caribbean islands, is ideally suited to enthusiastic birders and naturalists, as well as those that want to enjoy a more relaxing holiday. You can join a small group on this tour on 29th April – 15th May 2019.
The birding on all three islands is easy and accessible, with Trinidad & Tobago boasting over 450 bird species and St. Lucia 167, six of which are endemic. As well as birds, you will have the opportunity to discover all the amazing flora and fauna to be found on these islands. The dates for this tour has been planned to coincide with peak nesting season for Leatherback Turtles on all three islands. Combine this with good accommodation and food, excellent local guides and friendly English speaking people and you have the recipe for an exceptional tour.

Alternatively, this itinerary can be tailor-made to suit your requirements and preferred dates.


  • Beach

  • Floral

  • Wildlife

  • Caribbean & Latin America Birdwatching



  • Day 1:BA non-stop flight to St Lucia
  • Days 1-5:FOX GROVE INN – 4 Nights – Breakfast & Dinner
  • Day 5:BA flight to Trinidad
  • Days 5-8:ASA WRIGHT NATURE CENTRE – 3 Nights – Early morning tea/coffee, Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon tea, Evening rum punch & Dinner
  • Day 8:Transfer to Asa Wright Nature Centre
  • Days 8-11:MT. PLAISIR ESTATE HOTEL – 3 Nights – Breakfast & Dinner
  • Day 11:Caribbean Airlines flight to Tobago
  • Days 11-16:BLUE WATERS INN – 5 Nights – Breakfast & Dinner
  • Day 16:BA flight back to UK
  • Day 17:Arrive home