Trinidad & Tobago November Birdwatching Small Group Tour

A great time for bird watching and at a fantastic price

Trinidad & Tobago November Birdwatching Small Group Tour

This is a great opportunity to experience our classic best-selling birdwatching tour to Trinidad & Tobago at a special price in November 2020. You will spend 5 nights at the Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad, followed by 5 nights in Tobago at Blue Waters Inn with flights, accommodation, key tours and transfers included as described. You will travel as part of a small group of like-minded travellers and will be led by the very best local guides when in the islands.

This tour will run on –
27th November – 8th December 2020


  • Floral

  • Photography

  • Wildlife

  • Caribbean & Latin America Birdwatching


Tours from Asa Wright in Trinidad:

Guided Orientation Walk – Explore the trails at Asa Wright Centre

Oilbirds – Visit to Dunstan Caves

Caroni Swamp – An afternoon boat trip to this specialised mangrove forest where your day will end with the spectacular flight of Scarlet Ibis returning to their roosts at dusk.

Species to look for: Scarlet Ibis, Ospreys, Limpkins, Red Capped Cardinal, Green Throated Hummingbirds, Spotted Sandpipers, Common Potoos, Eared Doves, Greater Anis Black-crowned Night Herons, Yellow-crowned Night Herons, Boat Billed Herons. Spectacled Caimans, Cooks Tree Boas, Silky Anteaters and Crab-eating Racoons can also be seen in the mangroves, along with many species of crabs.

Nariva Swamp – Full day tour to the East coast and the largest freshwater herbaceous swamp in Trinidad, taking in several different habitats, including savannah grasslands, forest edges, coastlines and swamp, with stops including at the Aripo Agricultural Experimental Station on the way.

Species to look for: Savannah Hawks, Southern Lapwings, Red Breasted Blackbirds, Pinnated Bitterns, Azure Gallinules, Purple Gallinules, White-tailed Golden Throat Hummingbird, Black-crested Antshrike, Red Bellied Macaws, Pearl Kites, Black Bellied Whistling Ducks, Crested Caracaras, Moriche Oriole.

Tours from Blue Waters in Tobago:

Rainforest Walk – A long half day birding along Gilpin Trace of the Main Ridge Forest Reserve with your knowledgeable birding guide, Newton George.

Species to look for: Trinidad MotMot, Collared Trogon, Red-crowned Woodpecker, White-fringed Antwren, Blue-backed Manakin and White-tailed Sabrewing.

Around Island Tour – A full day with Newton George birding at all the key sites around the island and including lunch at a local restaurant.

Species to look for: Rufous-vented Chachalaca, Scrub Greenlet, Black-faced Grassquit, Ruby-Topaz Hummingbird and Caribbean Martin.

Glass-bottom boat trip to Little Tobago Bird Sanctuary – Birding on the island with an opportunity for snorkelling at Angel Reef on the way.

Species to look for: Red-Billed Tropicbird, Red-footed and Brown Boobies, Sooty and Noddy Terns, Frigatebird and Audubon’s Shearwater.