Guyana Holidays

Perfect destination for adventure, bird watching and wildlife enthusiasts

Guyana Holidays

Still little known, Guyana is truly a wild frontier with abundant ecotourism holiday opportunities. With its unique geography of coastal waters, mangroves, marshes, savannas, mountains and pristine tropical rain forest, it’s an ideal match for adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts. Explore the interior’s waterways from a dugout canoe, swim alongside a black caiman – the world’s largest alligator, take in Amerindian culture, or spot one of Guyana’s 800-plus birds. Jungle-clad and teeming with exotic wildlife, Guyana’s lush interior rivals the best nature and adventure destinations anywhere in the world. Wherever you travel in this amazing country, Guyana promises to give you the trip of a lifetime.

The coastal region feels Caribbean, despite being on the South American mainland and being theoretically on the Atlantic Ocean. It is dominated by a mixture of coconut palms, rice and Demerara sugar, Hindu temples and calypso music. Leaving the sea behind, this is a land criss-crossed by myriad rivers, with waterfalls, savannas and isolated ranches. In a land the size of Great Britain and with a small population of 750,000 people, most of whom are settled on the coastal strip, its interior is uninhabited except for a scattering of Indigenous Amerindian villages and a few small towns. The capital, Georgetown’s wide, tree-lined avenues and canals follow the layout of the old sugar estates. White-painted wooden 19th-century houses are raised on stilts, and flowering trees fill the streets.

Other highlights include Kaieteur Falls – almost five times the height of Niagara, with a single sheer drop of 228m – and Orinduik Falls, where the river pours over steps and terraces of jasper. Further south, the big draws for wildlife watchers are Iwokrama Forest Reserve, where you just might spot an elusive jaguar or puma and Karanambu, where giant river otters gambol.

Because of its British colonial past, the language is English and Guyana has very strong links with the rest of the Caribbean. A visit to this amazing country would combine perfectly with the islands, particularly Trinidad and Tobago, to make a truly unforgettable eco-adventure, bird watching and wildlife holiday.